3/14/2018 7:05:20 AM

    Businesses are leaving, schools are closing, there's a shortage of doctors and kids are moving away to raise their families in urban centres. That's according to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, who are looking to the provincial parties to make rural investment a part of their platform as we near the provincial election. President of the O.F.A., Keith Currie says the province has not strategically invested in rural Ontario, which is impacting rural communities.

    In addition, he says businesses that support agriculture, that they depend on are not around. They have to drive further and further away for vet services, parts and mechanics. Currie believes extending natural gas to rural areas of the province could mean big dollars for the province and those working in the agricultural sector; and of course broadband - internet has been deemed an essential service and it's vital to growing agri-businesses, but it's still unreliable and in some areas, unavailable.

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