3/14/2018 7:11:31 AM

    As the Middlesex London Heath Unit and Middlesex County continue to try to figure out where the next Health Unit location is going to be, the idea that the Health Unit will be located in London is still up for debate eventhough it is trying to move just a matter of two blocks from King Street in London to Citi Plaza. County Chief Administrative Officer Bill Rayburn says that the county isn't opposed to the idea of the Health Unit moving to the plaza specifically, but wants more information first.

    Rayburn adds that cost estimates still need to be found out, service studies need to be done, and the timing of the proposal needs to be considered. He adds that what makes the situation more difficult is that the County of Middlesex, City of London and the Province all have a say in where the Health Unit can locate, because they are all funders of the agency.

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